Heavy Duty Towing

Tow trucks are big and powerful vehicles that cruise the roadways like Sherman tanks, but what happens when a big tow truck breaks down?

They call us!

Victory Towing Long Beach can tow big rigs, motorhomes, buses and anything else you need to move from one place to another. If it has wheels, we can tow it; even if it doesn’t have wheels, we can tow it.

Heavy Duty Towing Can Be Expensive

Yes, towing big trucks costs big bucks, but it’s back-breaking work. The reason heavy duty towing costs more than the regular car and SUV towing is that the giant “wreckers” or heavy duty tow trucks burn a lot of diesel fuel. Instead of paying per mile of towing, you pay per hour, and the clock starts ticking as soon as the heavy duty tow truck leaves its yard and it doesn’t stop ticking until the tow truck is back in its yard. That means you might have to pay several hundred dollars before the big wrecker even arrives on the scene.

That’s exactly why you should call us first for heavy truck towing. Heavy Duty Recovery is the service you need when an 18-wheeler falls over to its side and needs to be unrighted with cranes and hoists. We get there quicker, complete the service quicker and that spells relief for your budget.

If You Call Us

When you call us, we dispatch a big wrecker from our fleet of strategically placed heavy duty tow yards throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on getting the right tow truck on scene right away. Why pay for a heavy duty tow truck to come from 25 miles away when we got the tow truck you need right in your own backyard.

Besides towing 18-wheelers, buses, motorhomes and RVs, we also offer reasonably priced heavy duty roadside assistance. You would take a motorcycle to a bicycle mechanic, so why call a regular roadside assistance service when you have a big rig in need of a jump start or tire change. Our expert heavy-duty services include:

Heavy Duty Jump Starts

Did you know a Freightliner truck has four batteries. We know exactly what it takes to get your large vehicle started up again.

Heavy Duty Tire Changes

Here’s where it gets tricky: most big trucks are duallys with double tires in the rear. What happens when an INSIDE tire goes flat? Let us help you with that!

Heavy Duty Lockouts

Sure, big rig drivers lock their keys in their vehicles every once in a while, just like the rest of us, but for them, it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s lost revenue, so trust the experts who can into any large vehicle, from a Freightliner Cascade to a U-Haul truck.

In fact, we are always up for any big task because we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We may doze but we never close, and we don’t charge more for after-hours or holiday services. If you drive a big rig, or you own a fleet of them, please keep our phone number handy!

Contact Victory Towing Long Beach at (562) 606-0064

Heavy Duty Towing